Noise reduction presantation


The silencer are designed to absorbs all types of noise in a ventilation system. The silencer can be mounted in almost all types of , both the exhaust and supplysystem. The silencer are designed for a minimum of pressurelost in the ventilationsystem. We achieve this in use of our self constructed noise- absorbed-elements. The silencer can be constructed with removable elements and hatch for inspection and cleaning.
Noise reduction table.
Noise reduction cabin.
 A prefabricated 'Miljų-bu' is based on an experience gained with similar installations in area with high noise and vibration as shale shaker, mud pump, drill floor area etc. on different offshore installation's. The 'Miljų-bu' has a noise reducing 30 - 40 dB. The 'Miljų-bu' will be prefabricated in section, and will have a easy installation and minimised of installation time.
The 'Miljų-bu' can also be delivered with equipment as light armature, heater panel, PA-speaker, telephone, work bench, and ventilation system.
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