NAME                        :Kristian P. Olesen

DATE OF BIRTH  :       23.10.48

NATIONALITY             :Danish

LANGUAGES              : Scandinavian, English.

PROFESSION             : Engineer

EDUCATION               :College of Engineers, Copenhagen.

                                  Dept. of Building and Construction with HVAC and Plumbing.


2002                         Roomvent 2002 in Copenhagen. Presenting: Smoking in a non-smoker area – controlled ventilation.

2000                         Ventilation 2000 in Helsinki, Finland

1994                         Internal quality control seminar. The Norwegian Society
                                of HVAC Engineers, organised.

1994                         IAQ seminar(HO-2/93) at Alstor. Organised by Stavanger  council.

1993                         HVAC-Offshore 93.

1992                         Roomvent 1992 in Aalborg.  Denmark.

                                HVAC-Offshore 92.

1991                         Roomvent 1990 in Oslo.  Norway.

1985                         Aker Engineering Project Management Course 3.

1984                         Aker Engineering Project Management Course 1 & 2.

                                Offshore Safety Courses, Leiro I & III. Helicopter Tip, Sock Escape. Brush up 1995.

                                Phillips Petroleum Company Norway. Leiro II. Statoil
                Statfjorddiv. & Sleipner Leiro II.

1983                         Sulzer Escher Wyss, Zurich, Switzerland.

Turbocompressor Design and Applications course. Aspects covered and included thermodynamic calculations, compressor design, rotor dynamics, controls, plant engineering/accessories, critical speeds, torsional vibrations and drivers.



2003 Maersk Gallant   Upgrading of kitchen ventilation to a type dragging
                                    cooking fumes free of the chef’s body.

2002/-3 Ocean Rig –    Rigmar 301. Noise reduction

2001 BP Gyda –            Upgrading of shaker (4 shakers) ventilation in mud modules.

2001 Maersk Contractor Norge AS,

Jutlander extended from 4 til 6 shakers. Upgrading
             of shaker ventilation in mud module.

2001 Stena Drilling AS,  Stena Dee – 4 shakere  Upgrading of shaker
                                      ventilation in mud module.

2001 Oseberg B              Upgrading of shaker ventilation in mud module.

2001 Valhall DP:             Upgrading of shaker ventilation in mud module.

2000 Stena Dee:             Upgrading of shaker ventilation in mud modules.

2000 Odfjell Drilling AS, Deep Sea Bergen – 4 shakere  Upgrading of shaker ventilation

1999 Serigstad AS, Bryne:

·          Modification of a fan giving a 16 Hz vibration at 120 dB, which the neighbours didn’t like, of this reason the noise peak was removed.

Maersk Contracting Norge AS:

·          Guardian, 1999: Modification of kitchen exhaust to our slotexhaust hoods, which basically require a displacement supply system, but this was postponed to a future modification.

·          Guardian: New ventilation in the radioroom 20 m2 with an internal heatload of 15 - 20 kW, a system without mechanical cooling, just increased airflow an air velocity in the occupied zone.

·          Gallant: New displacement ventilation in the Coffeeshop, smoker and non-smoker areas.


·          1999 Statoil / ABB OT - Statfjord B New ventilation of module W15-16-17: Design and equipment for new ventilastion.

·          1999 Statoil/Procon/Anders O. Grevstad AS - Gullfaks A shaleshaker: Design and equipment for new shaleshaker ventilation.

·          1998 Statoil / ABB OT - Sleipner B:         New Emergency Shelter - Ventilation.


Statoil - Statfjord A - B - C:

·          Turbinhood enclosures: Problem analyse in relation to removing the Halon fire fighting system. Leakage testing, tightening of the enclosures and evaluation of fire fighting system.

Maersk Contracting Norge AS:

·          Guardian: Sept./Dec. 97.  Installation of new shaleshaker ventilation, EPCI all disciplines.

·          Jutlander: April/May 97.  Installation of new shaleshaker ventilation and new coffee shop ventilation, EPC (I).

Smedvig Production Contracting AS, West Navion: Mars/April 97.

·          Establishing the HVAC design basis for the Drilling Ship in the drilling areas.  

·          O&M Sandnes: Giving a complete offer for the complete HVAC system final installed as a fixed price with unit prices for all items.

ISO/WD 15 138(Draft 5) - Spring 1997. Participating in the work of creating the offshore ventilation specification.

Transocean AS:

·          Dec. 1996. Evaluation and cost estimate of  updating the shale-shaker ventilation at ‘Artic’ to the authority requirements.

Smedvig Offshore Europe AS:

Evaluation and cost estimate of  updating:

·          July 1996. Ventilation at ‘West Alpha’ to the authority requirements in: Mud treatment Room, Shale-shaker Room, Mud Pits, Cementing Room, Sack Storage.

·          June 1996. The shale-shaker ventilation at ‘West Epsilon’ to the authority requirements.

Statoil/Odfjell Drilling Management AS:

·          June 1996. Shaleshaker ventilation at Sleipner ‘A’. Pre- & detail eng., installation mangement and as-built.

Smedvig Technology AS:

·          Concept and cost for the process area ventilation of Swath Production Ship. Nov.1995.

NORSOK - Autumn 1995. Participating in the work of creating the ventilation specification.

Statoil, Statfjorddivision:

·          Preeng. Dehumidification of instrument stores. Statfjord ‘C’. 1995.

·          Preengineering. Seawater-coil corrosion - analyse of the necessity of the coils with regards to summer roomtemperature. Oct. 1995. Sleipner ‘A’.

·          Construction follow-up. New office module with 14 airchanges in order to avoid mechanical cooling. SFB-M24A. 1995.

·          Pre- & detail eng.& construction follow-up of Shaleshakers at Statfjord ‘A’, all disciplines. 300 airchanges in occupied zone, new type efficient extracts, a new concept of ventilation. 1994/95. SFA.

·          System control of ventilation systems in safe area & MPA-haz., and prepare the base for the check. SFA. Nov.1994.

·          System control of haz.ventilation systems in the process area, and prepare the base for the check. SFA. April 1993.

·          Fabrication drawings and documentation for a new filter for LQ-RADIO-ventilation system. Jan. 1993.

·          Detail engineering of new extract from the chemical pumping skids in M5. Supply changed to displacement-ventilation. Dec. 1992.

·          System control of Living Quarters ventilation systems, and prepare the base for the check. Sept. 1992.

·          Study. Reduction of fire damper maintenance. Sept. 1993.

·          SFB & SFC. Evaluation of the requirement of spares for HVAC related equipment. Analyse of spares requested for the Statoil store. June 1992.

·          Detail engineering of sprinkler modification in M4. Installation during normal operation. June 1992.

·          Evaluation load guards for fanmotors. June.1992.

·          Evaluation of Kevlar reinforced V-belts and Powerbands for fans. Applied at 22 off 152 Kw fans in CD12-13-14. June 1992.

·          M19. Identifying the predominant noise sources, planning of actions to  reduce the noise from the neighbour module. May 1992.

·          SFB & SFC. Revision of a new maintenance plan from the 'maintenance project' for the ventilation systems. Mars 1992.

·          SFB & SFC. Writing a new maintenance program for the drilling ventilation systems. Jan. 1992.

·          Detail engineering of 'temperature problems', changed to displacement ventilation. M4-Compressionmodul. Installation during normal operation. Dec. 1991.

·          Detail engineering of 'Cooling for mudpumps' in CD7. Nov. 1991.

·          Description with typical drawings of vibration sensors mounted at large fans. Sept. 1991.

·          SFB & SFC. Writing a new maintenance program for the living quarter and process area ventilation systems. June 1992.

·          Development of a ventilation(hatch)louver for large falling load, for natural ventilation of M6/8. Mars 1991.

·          Detail engineering. Renovation of M19 (an office module for the operators), all disciplines. Oct. 1990.

·          Safety study. Airflow around the platform. Calculation of recirculation short-circuiting between the extract and the inlet openings with 0 - 100 % gas in the extract system. July 1990.

·          SFA. Writing a new maintenance program for the living quarter ventilation systems. June 1990.

·          SFB. Revise the maintenance program from time based to condition based maintenance. Feb. 1990.

·          Study. Spare and maintenance requirements - condition based. 1989.

·          Preengineering - M19. Environment in the office module for the operators. 1989.

·          M6 & M8 New damper for adjustment of airflow to the modules. Analyse of system function. 1989.

·          Study. Working environment in cement pumping room. CD7. 1988/89.

·          Calculation, delivering, erecting of orifices for 6 coils in the seawater-cooling system, in order to avoid velocity generated corrosion. 1988.

·          Detail engineering of new firedampers in CD7. 1988.

·          Detail engineering of replacement of 20 firedampers around the platform, erection during turn-around. 1987.

·          Detail engineering of displacement ventilation in M3. 1987.



·          Study. Evaluation solar energy production systems for a 1700 m2 community house. Indicated energy consumption of 35 - 40 KWH/m2/year. Bondeungdomlaget, Stavanger. 1993/94.

·          Preengineering. Heatbalance in the rolling/drying room of the laundry. Rogaland county laundry Ltd. 1989.

·          Preengineering. New community house, 1800 m2. Bondeungdomlaget, Stavanger. 1988.

·          Detail engineering and purchasing. A community house (1900 m2) build by voluntary work. Høle community centre. 1988.

·          Renovation of the troops mess. Approx. 10.000 m3/hour. Glass heat exchanger. Extension of steam feed hotwater capacity. Military Building dept. Sola. Vatneleiren. 1988.

·          Detail engineering. Knitting factory (3200 m2) with 10 apartments (800 m2) at the rooffloor. Variable amount of air in large rooms. Compressed air and steam systems. Stavanger Knitwear Factory Ltd. Randaberg. 1987/88.

·          Detail engineering. Nærbø library, 1032 m2. Full ventilation with the light on and when off 0,5 airchange per hour. Variable volume of air in the library main hall. Hå municipality. 1987.

·          Detail engineering. Extension of shower and wardrobe. Nylund school. Stavanger council city architect. 1987.

·          Detail engineering. Laundry extension. Spot-extraction. Rogaland County Laundry a.s. 1987.

·          Preenginering. Printing shop.1986. Nordisk Sikkerhetstrykkeri A/S.

·          Detail engineering. Public school. 2000 m2. Lyehallen. Time municipality. 1986.

·          Detail engineering. Office (800 m2) with warehouse and open air storage area of 10.000 m2. Malthus A/S. 1986.

·          Detail engineering. Grocery shop, 2500 m2. Reuse of heat from refrigerating cabinets and cooling rooms. Eiden groceries Ltd. Bryne. 1986.

·          Performance specification for a motel. Tysvær Motell & Taverna. 1986.


Sept. 1982 - April 1986: Aker Engineering, Stavanger.

·          Various positions: Sen.eng., lead Eng., dept.mgr.of Piping & Mech..

·          Evaluation of ventilation system in module M11 at 16/11 Statpipe Riserplatform.

·          Detail engineering of replacement of 16 firedampers around the platform, erection during turn-around. Statfjord 'AS'. 1985.

·          Feasibility study of Veslefrikk topside. Statoil.

·          Responsible for HVAC tender input to HVAC modification inclusive instrument and some minor structural work at Statfjord 'A'. The total bid was approx. 70.000 hour.

·          Preengineering of 'Gas Lift' HVAC for PPCoN.

·          Check of HVAC systems at 2/4 B Ekofisk. PPCoN.

·          Acoustic measurement with the results presented in 'Acoustic Plotplans' for 2/4 B. PPCoN.

·          Start-up activities for piping, mechanical and HVAC of engineering activities at 2/4 B Ekofisk and coordinating a wellhead model for PPCoN.

·          Statoil Troll Weight Optimising Study. Development of a 'Ring HVAC Duct System' providing a wide range of operational flexibility, considering smoke and gas leak handling capacity.

·          Heimdal Start-Up Concept Study. Elf Aquitaine Norge A/S.

·          Frigg TCP 2 - NEF inst. - Quotation, design, follow-up and commissioning documents, incl. offshore checks.

·          Modifications at 37/4 A. PPCoN.


Jan. 1978 - sept. 1982: N. Songe Møller, Consulting Eng. HVAC, Stv.

·          Position: Engineer. Retained to design, procure and supervise commissioning of piping and HVAC systems, covering: Airconditioning, smoke and normal ventilation, sprinkler systems, water and sanitary systems, compressed air, energy saving modifications, noise reduction systems and a cold storage plant. Simplified operation and maintenance manuals for the Stavanger council schools.

·          Seconded as HVAC engineer to Aker Engineering A/S:

·          Modifications of HVAC and sanitary systems including noise calculation at CDP1. Elf Aquitaine Norge A/S.

·          Contributed to renovation of LQ modules at Ekofisk field. PPCoN.


Jan.- Dec. 1977:  Carborundum, Sandnes.

·          Appointed as a Technical Representative selling shot-blast equipment, dust removal systems and waste water treatment plants.

·          Trained in steel surface-cleaning techniques using steel shots, peening techniques and various waste water treatment techniques.


Jan.- Dec. 1976:  Sandnes Aduserverk, Sandnes.

·          Appointed HVAC Engineer. Main duties covered dust extraction, ventilation and noise-reduction of systems, incl. commissioning of new installations. The installation of a new Disamatic line required many new solutions in order to handle the environmental issues. Dust (sand & fumes) extraction through long narrow slits with high velocity, effective up to 1 m (0,1 m/s) from the suction point.

Aug. 1973 - Dec. 1975: G. Block Wathne A/S, Klepp. Avd. for større bygg.

·          Engineer. Design and cost calculation of HVAC & sanitary systems in a variety of large buildings in the south of Norway.

1970 - July 1973: Birch & Krogboe, Consulting Engineers, Copenhagen. (ca. 600 employee).

·          Worked during spare time from school (70-June 72) as an Assistant Supervisor, under training in all fields of HVAC and Plumbing.

·          July 72 - July 73. Engineer. Design of a garden water/deluge system for a 10.000 m2 roof garden.