Olesen Consult HVAC AS is an technical contractor towards offshore, onshore industry, shipping, with emphasis on comfort ventilation, shale shaker ventilation, condition the ventilation in working area, action for reducing of noise, and prepare plans for maintenance. The firm can assume multidiscipline project.

Our service lie's primary within this area:
Design criteria / Calculation/ Engineering
Project management /Installation follow-up/ commissioning/ start up
Purchase/ Contract/ supplier follow-up
Quality securing / Documentation/ Inspection

The founders background is a technical company school, for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and plumbing in Copenhagen. 31 years of experience from engineering, techs-purchasing , and projectmanagment for employer in Denmark and Norway. The firms employee engineer has various practises from industries and consulting. The Firm was established in 1986 and re- established to stock company in 1997.

We use AutoCAD as design tools and well know computer programs/methods for calculation of pressure, noise calculation, force calculation, preparing reports, and project follow-up programs.

Olesen Consult HVAC AS, is a members of Norwegian water, heating, sanitary society, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning. Inc.