OLESEN CONSULT HVAC AS, have a high focus on air quality and human health especially in the case of having a clean breathing zone. With respect to this we have a good experience from our previous EPCI project where this were one of the main objects.
- Our products are manufactured by established business partners according to
  our specifications, quality standards and control. They each specialise in a
  limited number of products and thus have major expertise and flexibility which
  we fully exploit. 
- Consequently, the products are produced quickly and efficiently with modern
  machinery and we are less vulnerable to market fluctuations

Video, picture presentation.

Reference for Shale Shaker Ventilation.

- BP Gyda – 4 shakers 2001.
- Norsk Hydro, Oseberg B, 5 shakers, pit room & Smack room· 2001
- Maersk Jutlander expanded from 4 to 6 shakers. 2001
- Stena Drilling AS, Stena Dee – 4 shakers 2001
- Odfjell Drilling AS, Deep Sea Bergen – 4 shakers 2000
- Maesk Gallant – 4 shakers 2000
- BP, Valhall DP – 3 shakers, active and passive pits 1999
- Statoil, Gullfaks A – 5 shakers 1999
- Maersk Guardian – 4 shakers 1998
- Maersk Jutlander – 4 shakers 1997
- Statoil, Sleipner A – only exhaust 1996
- Statoil, Statfjord A 1995

Other reference project's 


- ABB Offshore System AS, New ventilation in drilling module W15, W16 and W17,

  on Statfjord 'B'. 2000
- Study, engineering, follow-up pre-fabrication, and installation of seawater cooler

  w/air-unit LQ Statfjord A 2000
- Study on ventilation systems for project "re-connecting Polycrown" 2000

Norsk Hydro 
- Kristin - chemical injection module at Randaberg Sveis AS 2003

- Grane – chemical injection module at Randaberg Sveis AS 2001

Maersk Contractors Norge as, 
- New Galley ventilation, Maersk Gallant  2003

- New Galley exhaust ventilation, Maersk Guardian 1999
- New exhaust in laundry, Maersk Gallant 2001
- Cooling of Radio room with laminar air flow from the ceiling, Maersk Gallant 
- Study, engineering, and installation of noise reducing on Maersk Jutlander, 
- Indoors (cabins), and outdoors on air Inlet/ outlet 1999

Esso norge as 
- Delivery of noise reducing-cabin for self mounting to Jotun 'B', noise reducing
  35-40 dB 1999

Dolphin AS. 
- Delivery, installation of 2 ea. prefabricated cooling-unit for 2 ea. crane cabin on
  Byford Dolphin, prefabricate. For short inst. time 2001

Smedvig Offshore as. 
- New ventilation in restroom for smoker /non-smokers, on West Alpha 1997
- study of HMS, light/noise, indoors and outdoors on West Alpha 1997
- Delivery of noise reducing-cabin for self mounting to West Alpha, noise reducing
  35-40 dB 

- Noise reducing-cabin for shaker operator and driller crew on BP ULA 2003 noise

   reduction measured after installation 37dB (A).

- DP Mud lab BP Valhall 2002

- Rebuilding ventilation in restroom for smoker /non-smokers QP- Valhall 1997
- Study, engineering, procurement of HVAC Skid 2001


Ocean Rig  (les mer om prosjektet her)

- Noise reduction and ventilation/environment upgrade on Rigmar 301, noise level

  inside all cabins where reduced from 52dB(A) to below 40dB(A)  2002-2003

- Fans for cooling 600kW load bank in machine room. 2003

- 33kw Seawater cooling system in laundry 2003

- Noise reduction of deck cranes 2002

- New noise reduction stainless steel doors 2002.

- New stainless steel, 52dB (A) cooling counters for the mess 2003.

Serigstad AS, Jernstøperi (iron moulding company) 
- Study, engineering and installation noise reducing w/ respect to "SFT".

  Low frequency noise to surrounding living area 
- Study engineering and installation of humidifier for “perfect” humidity control in

  a store for iron moulding woodform's.